Yoga has a positive and immediate effect to body and mind, and the quality to improve your health. In Gandhi's Cup of Tea Yoga Studio our aim is to embed yoga in your daily life. The benefits of practicing yoga are evident inthe physical,mental and emotional body. It allows for a moreaware interactionamong all the aspects of human existence, and can show how an imbalance in one of them can affect the others.

Through the practice of yoga we manage to stimulate the core systems of our body (endocrine, immune, respiratory, etc.), we increase our energy, we strengthen the muscles, gain flexibility, which is a precondition forgood health and longevity, and may helpdevelop a new positive and pleasant perception of life, our personality and the environment.

In Gandhi's Cup of Tea Yoga Studio we consider yoga as a holistic work with ourselves and this is what we want to offer to our students.

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, fitness and weight, our teaching is fluid and tailored to the needs of each student in order to find the practice of fit.

 We are waiting to welcome you at affordable prices in a wonderful friendly atmosphere.