Hatha flow 1:   Lesson suitable for those who come in touch with yoga for the first time, but also for those who wish to approach the basic asanas in detail, with precise description of the postures and flow of the breathing, constant feedback of body function and the benefits of every asana.

Hatha flow 2:  Open level lesson for those who wish to go deeper into their practice and become familiar with more advanced variations of the asanas. Dynamic with flow during the performance of the physical exercises and breathing. Focusing of the mind is easier achievable.

Vinyasa Yoga: Open level lesson for those who wish to go deeper into their practice. Through the succession of postures, the body is being prepared to go into the peak pose while the mind enters a state of kinetic meditation.

Community classes: Adressed to everyone, regardless of previous experience. They are inexpensive in order to give the chance to more people to come in touch with yoga.

Pilates:  Lesson suitable for everyone. Pilates is a system of physical and therapeutic treatment which keeps the body in good physical condition. It is a unique health system which works the deep muscles through a succession of stretching and empowering exercises, introduced by Joseph H. Pilates, who had initially named his  method “ The Art of Control”. It is a program that exercises  the whole body, an ideal and unique tool for good physical condition.

All lessons in Gandhi’s Cup of Tea are student-centered, adjusting the practice to their needs and capabilities. For this reason, teaching keeps up first of all with students and secondarily with the program. At GCT, we believe that every practice can be addressed to everyone regardless of experience or physical condition by giving the proper instruction and the opportunity to the student to choose himself the variation that will perform