Nasia teaches Hatha yoga and Flow since 2012. She was first introduced to yoga in 2008, and since thenit became the most important part in her life. Her deep love and devotion to practice lead to teaching and three years later she co-founded with Maria“Gandhi's Cup of Tea Yoga Studio”.

Nasia has done three training courses in "Raja Yoga", "Prenatal Yoga" and Yoga for orthopedic purposes, with recognition by the "International Yoga Teachers Training Association", and "Yoga Alliance". The learning process is never ending, hence why Nasia continues traveling in Europe, India and America attending courses and seminars with renowned Yoga teachers.

She has a degree and master in Greek Law, the first degree in Reiki, and from an early age she was an athlete in synchronized swimming.

Her teaching is vigorous, emphasizing in alignment and breathing. Following the traditional yoga idealsand respecting the principles of m


odern health science, Nasia customizes and adopts her teaching to the needs of each student so as to allow for the realization of small but important body and mind changes!